Roots to Selling Your Kelowna House

Selling Your Kelowna House Roots Checklist

The housing market is very hot in Canada right now. The demand is growing. If your house remains unsold after being on the market for three months, you may have a problem with it. There are many areas that you should look at to make your Kelowna house ready to sell.

  • Are the carpets dirty or damage?
  • Are the rugs clean and stain-free?
  • Make sure the walls are clean. Get rid of cracks, chips, and water damage.
  • The doors should be cleaned, and they shouldn’t squeak.
  • Make sure windows are clean. Make sure you can open and close them all.
  • Check all bulbs. Update light fixtures if you can.
  • If you have pets, make sure the areas where the pets sleep are clean and free of odors.
  • Are the entryways clear?
  • Are the closets clean and well organized?
  • Are all of your kitchen surfaces clean?
  • Are the counter tops organized?
  • Is the refrigerator clean?
  • Is the oven/stovetop clean?
  • Are all sinks clean and functional?
  • Does the garbage disposal work?
  • Are the cupboards and pantry organized?
  • Is the dishwasher clean?
  • Is the living room clean?
  • Is the dining room clean?
  • Organize bookshelves or other shelves.
  • Store children’s toys easily.
  • Open window coverings to bring light into the rooms.
  • Are all bedrooms clean and organized?
  • Make sure all mirrors are clean.
  • Make sure every surface in the bathroom is clean.
  • Fix up the garage or car port.
  • Make sure your garage isn’t full of clutter.
  • Mow the yard and keep it clean.
  • Put children’s outside toys away neatly.

All of these areas are important to look at when selling your home. Here are a few tips for selling your Kelowna home in Canada:

1. Lower the price. Many houses don’t sell because the asking price is way too high. It could be your agent, but it is often the owner who is pushing the price to the max. Do your research and find out if your price is too high. If so, try dropping it some and see if you get any offers then.

2. Take it off the market. Trying taking it off the market for a while. If it has been on the market for more than 30 days, take it off the market. Wait a couple of weeks, and put it back up on the market. Technically, it will be a new listing. Real estate agents who didn’t see it when it was previously on the list will see it now.

3. Fix up your house. Many people want houses that are completely move-in ready. They can’t afford renovations after putting down a large down payment. You don’t have to renovate completely. Touch up the pain. Update the light fixtures. Buyers will notice little things like.

4. Get a home inspection. Make the process easier for the homebuyer by doing your own inspection. The buyers are more likely to make an offer if they know that the house is good.

5. Get creative. Use social media. If people aren’t responding to your ads, get a little creative. Put it on Facebook or your favorite social media site. Most people still look at Multiple Listings Services (MLS) websites, but social media could be used as well. For more information on selling your home view